Wednesday, 4 January 2012

It's e-commerce, but point-of-sale.

Tillify lets you create a store-front for anything in minutes. By sharing your store's domain, or location, other devices can send transactions at point-of-sale directly to your checkout. It's e-commerce, but point-of-sale.

Tillify turns a PC, Mac, IPad, IPhone or Android into a cloud connected "kick ass pos register". Capture rich transaction analytics from devices, in real time. Accept mobile payments and give digital receipts.

There's no need servers, software, installation, cables or backing up of your data. All the costly expense associated with pos installation is yesterday's headache.
Tillify works on PC, MAC, Ipad and mobile devices so you can use the hardware you already have.

But don't be put off, Tillify is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Behind the scenes tillify is using arguably the best datacenters and server technology money can buy. It brings enterprise level security, scalability, reliability and service to your business at a price you can afford.

It's easy to setup and unlike other point-of-sale systems you don't need to enter all your stock to start ringing up sales. 
Just register on our site and you can be up and running in minutes, Just like plugging in a conventional cash register, but with so much more under the hood.

It has a stunning modern user-interface, built with the latest web technoloy. You will recognize it at a glance and learn it in a jiffy. And when you become a pro you can customize it.
Not many point of sale solutions can out run a cash register. Tillify can! 
Designed and tested in high-volume locations it can run hundreds of sales per day using as few as 4 button presses per sale.
It's responsive too.Tillify works faster than your human cashiers can operate. 

Tillify continues to work even if your internet connection doesn't.

You can ring up sales using a touch screen, barcode reader, mouse or  using the keyboard.

Tillify posts your retail data into Google Analytics the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights and reporting into your retail business and trading effectiveness.

Effortlessly connect all your cash registers across all your locations combining your business critical trading data in real time to one key view point ,  accessible anytime anywhere.

Your data is safe and so are your cash registers. Tillify has device level security. Once you have logged in, your cashiers enter a low level 4 digit code to ring in sales. This protects your cash register from peeping eyes and protects your key busines data from your cashiers. Something other web based point-of-sale seem to have overlooked.

It works great in stores, resturants, cafes, stands and even stools.
Tillify charges month-to-month subscriptions for it’s web-based software. 
But for now it's free for you to use while we are in beta. 

Tilliy is currently in private beta please drop us an email for an ivitation to try our stunning new web-based pos software.

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